Fender Player Series, What’s New
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Fender has introduced the new “Player Series” guitars which have very different specs to the standard series.
The concept for this series seems to have originated from the custom shop pro series as it has similar features.

  • Modern C Shape Neck, which is a thicker neck but has rounded off edges so it does not feel like a big neck.
  • 9.5 Radius Fretboard, the flatter fretboard feels nicer for bending and fast runs.
  • 2 Point Tremolo system which is a bit more stable and less clunky than the old 6 screw system.
  • Tone control for the bridge pickup. The middle control does neck & middle pickups.

A cool model the the HSS version with a Floy Rose Trem and a 12″ radius neck. These guitars make a great addition to the lineup if you’re are pro musician but looking for a fender sound with a locking tremolo.
In this scenario though I would suggest at least a bridge pickup upgrade, but that’s all you would need to do.

Also in the series you can get a Tele, Jazzmaster, P-Bass , Jazz Bass and Jaguar Bass.

These guitars are just great value for money and definitely worth checking out.
Personally I think they are the best guitars ever from Mexico with street prices under $1000.


Guitar Man