Fender’s New Guitar Categories
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Fender’s New Guitar Categories are causing some confusion among dealers and customers alike.
It’s seems like new management comes in and changes the names of guitars that have been familiar with Fender’s customers and dealers for many years.
So as they are now in Dec 2018, this is the Fender standard production model hierarchy excluding artist series.

Fender Standard Series – Made in Mexico and are the starting point for Fender branded guitars.

Fender Player Series –¬†Same level as the standards but with different specs.

Fender Classic Series – Vintage versions of the standard made in Mexico with soft V neck profile

Fender Deluxe Series – Upgraded versions of the standards. Better pickups and hardware.

American Performer or Special Series – Starting point for made in USA guitars. A step up from the Mexican guitars.

Made In Japan Hybrids РVintage reissue guitar a step up from MIM available in various configurations.

American Performer Series – Similar to special series with different pickups

American Professional Series – This is what years ago wa0s called the “Standard Stratocaster”, the “US Standard”. although it now has a deeper neck profile which some are not a fan of.

American Original Series – Replaces the reissue models. No longer available by year, only 50’s or 60’s.

American Elite Series – Replaced the US Deluxe series. Compound Neck radius 9-14″ and neck profile. This is the top of the line before going to the custom shop models.


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