Joyo R-06 O.M.B  40 Minute Loop Pedal
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Joyo R-06 O.M.B is a 40 Minute Loop Pedal.

This pedal features LOOPER cycle recording mode, an independent drum machine mode, and LOOPER + Drum mode.

The LOOPER mode has auto-align function and Count-In function, 40 minutes cycle recording time and  unlimited overdub.

In drum machine mode, you can choose from 7 genres of drum pattern and 7 drumbeats.
The speed of drum patterns can be set up by TAP TEMPO button.
The R-06 O.M.B enables you to add fills, and outro fill can be added at the end of each drum pattern.
Clearly aimed at the one man band solo performer and under $200 this is worth checking out.




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