Keely Releases 10 New X Pedals
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Keely has released 10 new X pedals on the market.
The new Xpedals have a stripped down prototype look with Dymo tape printed labels.
30 Of each were made at this time and are available on the Keely website.

Here The X pedallist:

Comp Plus X – The ultimate guitar compressor. Legendary.

Mezzo Drive X – The ultimate Dirty White Sand. Our tranxparent, low gain, tube screamin’ drive pedal.

Super Phat X – Tube Amp Tone is still king, in the Keeley Super Phat X drive!

Super Ox X – Our take on a fabled overdrive. A Keeley Original.

OP Fuzz X – Op Amp Fuzz at its fuzziest. Thick and Stixy.

Roto Sonic X – The All New Keeley Vibe pedal with Les’ Rotary Speaker, Vibro-X mode, and U-Vibe modes.

Tri Mod X – The World’s Only Flawless Chorus Pedal. Yeah, it sounds that good. It Is The X Factor.

Tri Verb X – Three of Keeley’s extra large reverbs, together for the first time. Spring, Plate, and Chamber

Tape Echo X – Magnetic Tape Echo is the best. Especially with our cavernous X modulation added to your delays!

Super Bass X – The incredibly tight and extra fat Keeley Bass Compressor. Simply the best bass compressor available.

Not yet available for sale but very soon according the

Given that only 30 of each have been made and priced at $149USD each, this first batch may not reach Australia.



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