Kinman Pickups Now Has Six New Gen2 Models
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Kinman Pickups now has six new Gen2 model pickups for strat type guitars.
In order of output they are:

  • The Scoop
  • Impersonator E69
  • Impersonator E54
  • Impersonator E56
  • Impersonator Fat 50
  • Texas Jalapen

Kinman also names the sets by the artists their sound best represents.

  • David Gilmore’s Blackie –  Texas Jalapeno / Impersonator A56 for middle and neck.
  • Knopfler Impersonator 56 in all three positions
  • SRV- Impersonator Impersonator E56 in all 3 positions
  • John Mayer – The Scoop in all 3 positions
  • Jimi Hendrix – Impersonator E56 in all 3 positions
  • Hank Marvin’s 60 Shadows sound –  Impersonator 54 in all 3 positions.
  • Hank Marvin’s modern sound –  AVn-64 bridge and AVn-63 (SCn) middle and neck.
  • Richie Blackmore – The Scoop in all 3 positions.

The main different from the Gen 1 pickups is the Non-aged sound.
Which are not made like 60 year old pickups but how the originals sounds when new.
Like new vintage pickups, they resist crunching under heavy pick attack.
Sound highly transparent and some-what scooped midrange with snappy attack & lots of dynamic range (high peak.
Wound strings are more crisp and twangy than the Aged-Sound models and sound better with distortion.

While Chris Kinman makes some pretty bold claims for his pickups, they are definitely worth checking out if you want an upgrade from the standard single coils and eliminate the hum.

Years ago doing a blind test at a trade show I once entusiastically said to Mr Kinman “These are the best stacked humbuckers I’ve played!”.
In my mind I was paying a big compliment as I had spent considerable time trying out every type of “no hum” pickup, which were all double stacked coil humbuckers (including EMG), I could find. And there were quite a few.
But Mr Kinman slowely growled back “They. Are. Not. Humbuckers.”.
I think I replied something like “Well they sound like they are, just better”, but I didn’t hang around as he seemed rather grumpy.

So now looking at the patent I see double coils, and my opinion hasn’t changed.
Kinman makes some of the best single coil spaced humbuckers (or whatever you want to call them) on the market.
The slight difference in frequency response is worth the sacrifice for no hum for the working musician, or the keen enthusiast.

You can check them out on the Kinman website



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