Why You Need A Band Website
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Why Do You Need A Band Website?

The music world has changed quite bit in the last ten years, and one of the great advantages for musicians is that they can now communicate an interact directly with customers over a number of platforms.

Free Is Not Free

This is great, but the problem is that many of these free platforms exist for themselves first.
And now that the market is mature and growth has slowed down their free offerings will be reduced along with coverage and reach of free listings.
Typical example is Facebook pages where you can’t even reach the list of people who liked your page.
Only a small few will get to see your posts, pics and videos.
And those who bough fake page likes have even less chance at reaching their audience.
To make things worse, advertising has gone from the right column to in between every few posts, and inside videos.
The free service has now served it’s purpose and Facebook has set out to monitize in any way it can.
Facebook pages are a dying. You should not be relying on Facebook as your band’s online homebase.
The only way your page will get noticed is by buying sponsored views.

Actually you should not be relying on any free service as a homebase, focal point or marketing base for your band.
Many other free services are following the same pattern where the free offering is very basic and you need to pay a monthly subscription.
Some of these sites offer great features and benefits, but once again you are at their mercy and the terms and conditions can change at anytime.
Often these days your band/artist profile presence is relegated behind every paying and you need to put in time and effort to be seen by potential fans.
Same conclusion: You can’t rely on these services as your base.

You need you own band website where can control your content, marketing, build email lists and share your site pages and posts over other social media.
Most importantly bringing interested visitors and fans back to your homebase for more content, sales and promotions.

Build A Website!

The good news is it’s very easy these days to build a website these day using free open source platforms like WordPress. Domains can be purchased for for around $40 for two years and hosting plans that include wordpress for around $5 per month.

The goal should be to channel people interested in your band from all platforms to you website I(as in the diagram above), where they will find much more info and content.

The basic principal is the same if your band plays original songs, or you’re a cover band looking for gigs.
What changes is the tactics and process which will be discussed in future posts.

Got any questions about band websites? Just ask.




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